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University of Connecticut Neag School of Education Office of Assessment

Office of Assessment

We are striving for a culture of assessment through our Spotlight on Assessment initiative. Why do we feel this culture is important? Assessment is crucial for helping people learn. It should mirror good instruction, happen continuously as part of instruction, and provide information about the levels of student progress. People tend to learn most effectively in ways that make a sustained, substantial, and positive influence on the way they think, act, or feel. Assessment is needed for a quality learning environment. Quality learning environments are learning-, knowledge-, assessment-, and community-centered. Assessment serves multiple purposes, and it involves the level of assessment (Who?), the purpose of assessment (Why?), and the object of assessment (What?). This web page will host some of strategies associated with this initiative. 

The Vision of the Office of Assessment

The Neag School of Education will be recognized as having an Office of Assessment whose vision is to serve as a national model of excellence, embracing and promoting an assessment culture characterized by evidence-based decisions, with the intended purpose of providing a more challenging, learner-centered academic community that advances knowledge and improves vitality in all aspects of the School.