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University of Connecticut Neag School of Education Office of Assessment

Integrated Bachelors/Masters (IB/M) Program Reports

Cohort Entering 2011-2012/Graduating Class of 2014




IB/M Common Entrance Survey

IB/M Common Entrance Surveys (by Concentration)

IB/M Junior Clinic Evaluation Report (Overall)

Neag School of Education Employer Survey Results Spring 2012

IB/M Senior Clinic Evaluation Fall 2012

IB/M Senior Student Teaching Midterm Evaluation Spring 2013 (by Concentration)

IB/M Senior Student Teaching Final Evaluation Spring 2013
(by Concentration)

Completed this Year: Alumni Survey Report Fall 2012

IB/M Fifth Year Internship Evaluations

IB/M Self-Assessment

IB/M Common Exit Survey

  • IB/M Common Exit Survey Results for Students Graduating in 2014 (Coming Spring 2014)

Alumni Survey Report Spring 2014